Do You Struggle with Travel Choices?

Do you just want a vacation? Are you afraid to risk money? Is group dynamic important?

Is accommodation a priority? Do you want to avoid extra costs for activities?


Accomplish your travel goals. Here's how.


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Choose Destination


Enjoy Trip of a Lifetime


Choose Your Cultural Travel Experience

History, food, liquor and tons of free time to explore


London (plus Oxford), Belgium (with Brussels & Bruges),

and four perfect nights in Amsterdam


Waterfalls, hip hotels, ice caves, aurora borealis, snorkeling, food, the blue lagoon.


Vik and Reykjavik. Chat with locals, roam

black beaches, accomplish something epic.


Medieval villages, beer-halls, Third Reich, Sound of Music, chocolate!.


Berlin, Prague, fairytale Cesky Krumlov, Salzburg, and Munich (with Dachau Concentration Camp)


So What Kind of Traveler Are You?


What Makes WanderList So Different?

Many travelers struggle to have an authentic travel experience. WanderList is a travel company that introduces you to new cultures, new ideas, and a new group of friends so you can accomplish your travel goals.

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We know how scary it can be to book an expensive trip, especially when you feel like you're making compromises. It shouldn't be this difficult to find a tour that checks all the boxes. When you travel with WanderList Tours, you will feel more cultured, confident and fulfilled by the life-enriching experience our tours give you.

WanderList Tours is owned by Michael Sineni, a former guide and tour director for Europe's largest travel company. When he and his wife Silvia created WanderList Tours, they wanted it to be different. And they don’t mean unique — they mean better: a better experience for you.

From their experience in corporate travel, they saw the same issues over and over again that bothered everyone, but which never seemed to get addressed...

five big ones to be exact

  • Travelers were getting overcharged.
  • They were spending too much time on buses.
  • Their hotels were subpar.
  • Their tour guides were bland.
  • And their itineraries didn’t include enough activities.

So they set out to create a new kind of travel experience, one that helps you have an unforgettable trip without all these pitfalls.


What's My Investment?

How much is inauthentic travel costing you? How many experiences are you missing? How many pre-packaged tours leave you making compromises? How much is poor time management hurting your cultural appreciation? Why is it so difficult to find a company that checks all the boxes? A lack of quality might already be costing you a great deal.