Are You Scared You Won’t Get the ULTIMATE Travel Experience?

Is eating 'Americanized' food on your European bucket-list?
Will you get stuck with atrocious hotel accommodation?
Does searching travel websites make your brain hurt?
Is your tour guide boring you with plain-vanilla info?
Are long transfers obliterating lots of your free time?
Is your trip leader stopping again to make a quick buck?

Announcing the New Way to Travel (…Makes the Old Way OBSOLETE)!



Most companies stick you on exhausting bus rides, wasting days of your trip on the road. WanderList Tours limits all transit to four hours or less so you always get the most out of your trip.



Ever book a trip only to find yourself dragging luggage up a dilapidated, dirty hotel that’s not even centrally located? WanderList Tours always chooses places that are hip, clean, safe and central.



Most companies charge you maximum price but provide minimal activities. WanderList Tours designs well-rounded itineraries chock full of the best activities with plenty of free time built in.

“The style and attention to detail. The ability to show you those small spots that everyone just falls in love with. Everyone is in for an unforgettable experience.”
— Marc Lazarow (Language Arts Teacher and Councilman of Garwood, NJ)
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5 Things Your Tour Should Include.

Loads of tour companies focus on ‘vacations’ — but forget about the travel EXPERIENCE. Oftentimes, these trips are overpriced for what you receive. Here are five things every good tour needs to ensure enjoyment and avoid regret.



Look through your options for a tour that seems to be speaking to you.



Choose the perfect tour that buzzes with all the balance you’ve been looking for.



Start packing for the best itinerary that delivers and checks all the boxes.

We had the best trip of our lives: 30 days with Mike in Europe. He pushed us to experience more than tourist spots. He wanted us soaking in culture (which I think is the right way to travel)! He’s the EXACT type of guy you want planning your European adventure.
— Nicole Kimmerle (blog: Wandering Brunette)

Everyone Fits Our Tours, Whether You’re…

What Makes WanderList So Different?

WanderList Tours is revolutionary because it helps you avoid the SCARY COMPROMISES travelers make when looking for the ultimate tour…Most travelers miss the boat, “CRANKING OUT THE MOOLAH” for tours that aren’t delivering transformational experiences. So how can you be sure you’re doing it right? The answer is to join a tour with one of our amazing guides.

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We know how hard it is to find a tour that knocks it out of the park. As former tour guides, we have helped thousands of travelers accomplish their travel goals. And when you accomplish your travel goals, your experience improves, your appreciation for another culture grows and your personality changes completely.

WanderList Tours is created by Michael F. Sineni and his Italian wife Silvia Giarrusso. Michael was a former tour guide and professor in Rome, Italy, as well as a tour manager for Europe's largest travel company. Combined, their experiences have helped thousands of people get the most out of their trips. Since then he's gone on to help high school groups and college aged groups greatly improve the overall value of their itineraries.

On a WanderList tour, you will:

  1. Sleep in centrally located accommodations (so you're better positioned to start your day and enjoy free time).

  2. Visit every key site (so you don't leave feeling like you missed something).

  3. Take strategic travel times (so you don't spend half your trip on the road).

  4. Listen to engaging guides who know their craft and how to communicate it (so your appreciation and excitement for history sizzles).

WanderList will help you accomplish all of your travel goals.

There are many important areas to consider when choosing a travel company, so make sure you're not risking an experience you'll end up regretting. Sign up for an incredible trip today and spend a week or two with WanderList. Why? Because you'll never know real value if you don't do it the right way.

“My experience with Michael was out of this world. When I learned he was starting his own company? His own perspective, his own views, planning? It’s going to change the way people see a tour company.”
— Alejandro Caamano


What’s My Investment?


How much will inauthentic travel cost you? How many times will you compromise things you want? How much extra will you spend on activities for a tour that’s half empty? How many times will you get stuck in tiny rooms with no space for luggage? Are you okay spending entire days traveling because the itinerary isn’t built well? Not going with the right company might be costing you a great deal.


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Dear Traveler…

You’re here for a reason…

To achieve your dream of taking the ultimate tour that helps you nail your travel goals…

And today I’m going to help you move forward towards that dream…


If you’re confused about which travel companies you can trust and just want a professional company that puts your mind at ease…

If you’re skeptical of travel companies because you’ve tried them before—and you got burned…

If you’re tired of comparing, over-analyzing and researching companies and just want awesome straightforward tours that don’t pull any punches…

If you’re afraid to get stuck with a boring group of people who just want to party and want friendly people without all the cliques and immaturity…


If you’re frustrated by prices that always seem inflated and just want an honest-to-goodness company to get you high-voltage experiences that are easy on your pocketbook…

Then this letter will show you how.

I’ve Been There Myself. I Know How It Feels.

Here’s the story.

When I decided to leave the tourism and travel business, I'd logged over 17+ years as a tour guide (at the Vatican)...tour director (11+ years for Europe's largest travel company)...and adjunct professor of early Christian and Roman history (for DeSales University)...

As a tour director, I led mammoth-sized, 35-day tours thru the U.K. France. Czech Republic. Italy. Germany. Spain. Netherlands...and more.

I dealt with various suppliers. Hotels. Bus companies. Guides. Museum personnel.

But groups were complaining about the exact same stuff every single tour...

Cheap hotels in strategically poor locations…guided tours with zero educational value…long, time-suck transfers between major cities, uber-expensive prices…inedible food…etc…

Every group. Every day. Every tour.

I developed my famous gargantuan “recommendation lists” of top, must-see places in every city.

To spice tours up even more I created incredible, once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list experiences:

Open-bar canal cruises in Amsterdam
BBQ sailboat cruises in the Greek Islands.
Group evenings in London's "West End" at famous theatre performances.
Moonlit picnics under the Eiffel Tower.
Epic nights at the Cabaret in Paris.
White-water rafting in the Swiss Alps.

But try as I might, these extra goodies couldn't mask the issues. And worse...they increased costs EVEN MORE…and took up valuable time.

There had to be a better way. So…

In 2017, as a father, husband, part-time professor, doctoral student and tour director...I left the 'dream-life' and created WanderList Tours.
Did I have what it takes to overcome every problem area, provide more quality, more no frills prices?
Include alternative, cost-effective, exceptional activities into the itinerary. I'd scored "professional-fame" with all the goodies I sold on tour...But I needed a better way to reduce cost and still provide breakthrough experiences.
Make all accommodation central. I'd experienced enough monster-sized promises made by corporate travel companies. Could I find strategic accommodations that guaranteed walking-distance access to the city center?
Find tour guides who could supercharge educational tours. Having been reared in academia myself...AND a dang good tour guide in my own right, I needed a system for vetting professionals who know how to deliver punchy information.
Create shorter, easily-digestible travel times. How to eliminate time-suck and still create routes yielding breakthrough experiences.
Find restaurants serving utterly-incomparable food. I dreaded the slave-ship seating travel groups get stuck with. Could I create a secret hit list of restaurants with "change your life" food?
Eliminate cliques and partiers. I don't mean to be a Debbie-downer but too many tours are ruined by goofs just looking for the next bar. Could I weed out "undesireables" who didn't exactly fit the profile?
If you're anything like me...I needed to know: could it be done. And be cost effective?

The High Cost of Failing to Answer This Question.

The truth is,…if you’re like most people, you eventually make those compromises. The result? Diminutive, second-rate itineraries.

LONG BUS RIDES… "clearing away the fog" even if you were "relaxing" for hours on end...
BORING TOUR overworked and underpaid they can't find the energy to tell you stuff you want to hear...
PAYING PRINCELY SUMS...that are TWICE as much as the tour is worth...
PUNY ROOMS...ever notice they don't tell you where you're staying until a few weeks before you arrive? By then it's too won't be central...and you'll be stuck with four or five others -- "duking it out" for bathroom honors...
FAST PACED poorly engineered you risk missing stops along the way you could see if you weren't running constantly...
EATING CHEAP group dinners even though you were all promised the "traditional French cuisine"...and let's not mention breakfast...

And this is only the beginning! Or maybe I’m claiming too much? I don’t think so…

This Was No Easy Shoo In

Without answers to these questions, I was putting the welfare of my future...and worse, the future of my family at serious much time and money would I lose...
It's one thing to lead 8, 14, 30, 35 day tours through Europe.
It's another thing altogether mastering the art and science of building balanced tours that affect people for a lifetime.
What I really wanted was to introduce travelers to new ideas, new cultures, and a new group of friends so they could accomplish their travel goals.
But I didn't have the tools to make it all happen....
At least not at first, anyway.
With some obsessive research, help from mentors, friends, family, insider contacts who know the ropes...and the best teacher of all experience...I began to figure it out.


It wasn’t a walk in the park


“Any Adventurer Can Have Powerful Travel Experiences By Using WanderList Tours Because it Helps You Accomplish All of Your Travel Goals”

You're at the crossroads. The point of decision. You can either continue down the exact same path you've always traveled, or you can choose another path. The path less traveled.

But if you want something else to happen, if you want to change the direction of your life, you're going to have to do something different. Make a new choice, and follow your new outcome.



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