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SEP 27-OCT 8, 2018
SEP 21-OCT 2, 2019







Visit Germany for Oktoberfest

ready for HOPStoberfest?

There's a reason Oktoberfest is one of the most popular fall destinations for traveling, and what better way to experience the world's biggest beer festival than with a group of fun people?

Grab yourself some lederhosen on Amazon and start your diet now because this trip is full of pints, pretzels, schweinsbraten, and spätzle (try pronouncing those after a few brewskis). But don't worry; this trip isn't all about beer. We'll have plenty of time for Germany's vibrant history, impressive castles, and engaging museums.


Tour Overview

  • Tour Map Overview
    Munich Image


    DAYS 1-3

    Arrive in Munich and get a lay of the land during a day of leisure. We will host an orientation walk where you can scope out the metro, ATM machines, markets and more. Evening: group dinner at Hofbrauhaus.

    Have a free day at Oktoberfest and enjoy lunch, set up in one of the HUGE Oktoberfest Tents.

    Enjoy a bike ride around Munich while learning about the history of Oktoberfest, WWII, Hitler, architecture, museums, etc.

    Lunch will be served at the Englisch Garden where you can drink a few beers and have a huge bratwurst, pretzels, sauerkraut, potatoes, and more!

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    Rothenburg Image

    Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber

    DAYS 4-5

    On the way to Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, we will stop and visit Dachau Concentration Camp with a guided tour.

    Once arriving to Rothenburg, you will enjoy free time and evening leasure.

    During your stay, you have the option to join the 'Uber' famous Nightwatchman tour, a walk through Rothenburg at night.

  • Tour Map Overview
    Waldeck Image


    DAY 6

    Depart for Waldeck Village and Castle. The Castle is set atop a mountain in northwestern Germany and next to a little village. We'll have dinner prepared for us.

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    Erfurt Image


    DAY 7

    Depart for Erfurt, another amazing German city in central Germany. Martin Luther attended university here and was ordained a priest in the cathedral. This is a thriving university city with tons of history and medieval streets. The timbered buildings were unaffected by WWII, so the city still retains that untouched German feel. Enjoy an evening of leisure at the pubs and restaurants.

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    Munich Image


    DAYS 8-11

    Arrival day will be free but we will do a big orientation stroll around the city. We'll introduce you to Brandenburg Gate, the Jewish Holocaust Memorial, Museum Island, etc.

    We'll hop on a bus tour of Berlin with stops at Checkpoint Charlie, Hitler's Bunker, the Berlin Wall, and a lot more. There's a plethora of fascinating WWI and WWII history, Nazi history and the Unification of Germany Day (which is October 3/4). Next is a day of leisure but you will get a museum pass for Museum Island so you can get into one of Europe's best museums (it's actually five museums all together in the same area), housing anything from the Bust of Nefertiti, the Ishtar Gate, still-intact Roman Gate of a market in Miletus, and tons of really cool stuff because the pieces are so immense. So, even if you aren't into art, the Ishtar Gate, for example, will still impress you because it's about 100 feet long and 30 feet tall; the Miletus Gate is about 50 feet wide and 30 feet high, with steps and columns and niches. At night, hit the club scene.

    Head out to Potsdam, the home of the former Prussian kings. You know Versailles? Potsdam was the Prussian Versailles. GORGEOUS. We have a guided tour and time to try the city's famous beers at a couple of local inns. We know the guide - he's one of Europe's best guides - and he will give an earth-shattering tour. Either way, this is a postcard photo day where you'll enjoy cool history and of course, some drinking. Then we'll head back to Berlin for more free time until a group dinner.

What's Included


  • Central Accomodations
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Twin Rooms (or whatever you want!)
  • 3-day Travel Card (in Munich/Berlin)
  • Guided Tours
  • Special Admissions into One of Oktoberfest's Crazy Tents!
  • Sleep in Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Overnight in the German Castle of Waldeck
  • 3 Included Group Dinners
  • Full-fime Tour Leader
  • Gratuities & more!
Great Amenities while enjoying Oktoberfest!

What's Excluded

- Round Trip Flights (into Munich, out of Berlin)

- Mandatory Trip Insurance (~$74)

- Meals Not Expressly Mentioned

- Incidentals


Although flights and insurance are not included, we are more than happy to help you find the best prices. 


Well, what are you waiting for? Your adventure is waiting!