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MARCH 21 - APRIL 1, 2019







Visit Iceland and the Blue Lagoon


You want to experience Iceland exactly like this. We’re talking geysers, majestic waterfalls, hip hotels in the center of Reykjavik, glacier lakes, snorkeling in earths’ clearest waters, an incredible foodie walk, and much, much more. 




Tour Overview

  • Tour Map Overview
    Reykjavik Image


    DAYS 1-2

    You are totally covered! Over the next two days, warm beds, dinner, drinks and the Golden Circle…

    Yep. We visit incredible Pingvellir National Park, the popular geothermal geyser, Gullfoss waterfall, and...

    We reserved towels for some warm bathing in the Secret Lagoon.

    DAY 3

    Sleep in late! Enjoy a free day. Later, enjoy Iceland’s highest-rated Foodie Walk!

    Thirteen delicious traditional cuisines, like Icelandic lamb, ice cream, cheese tasting, and more.

    Then? You’re free, true, but we recommend the incredible (and weird) museums. Are you up for them?

  • Tour Map Overview
    Vik Image


    DAY 4

    Today we depart for the south coast. We will stay in the tiny, tiny village of Vik for our basecamp.

    Everything you need to see, including the best known waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss and iconic Skógafoss, plus the famous black sand beach known as Reynisfjara. And don’t worry about a warm dinner. We’ve set it up for you!

    DAY 5

    We have spiced this day up a bit, besides visiting Skaftafell National Park and stopping at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, our private bus is taking us to enjoy a Glacier Walk.

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    Reykjavik Image


    DAY 6

    Ready for this?? Snorkeling at Silfra. Don’t worry about the cold because besides the warm wet suit, you will be fitted into a ‘human-shaped sleeping bag!’

    One of earth’s greatest dive sites (also the clearest [visibility 300ft+], Silfra sits between the American and Eurasian continental divide and is frequently rated a top 5 dive site according to the most respected dive magazines worldwide.

    DAY 7

    Today is departure day. If you have any extra time, please ask us and we can give you lots of suggestions.

    As always, let us know and we can help you with the rest of your journey.

    And did we mention you'll be staying both nights at the CenterHotel Plaza, right in the center of the city and within walking distance of EVERYTHING!

  • Tour Map Overview
    Salzburg Image


    DAYS 8-9

    READY??!! Sleep two nights in the Von Trapp Castle from the The Sound of Music!…

    Besides strudel, Sachertorte & Salzburg, we take the Sound of Music tour, so…

    Know the words to ‘Do, Re, Mi’, ‘Solve a Problem like Maria’, ‘16 Going on 17?’ Sing! We’re heading into the hills.

  • Tour Map Overview
    Munich Image


    DAYS 10-11

    Over two days, take an incredible guided tour in Dachau Concentration Camp.

    Take a bike tour in Munich where you’ll learn a little Third Reich history. Once in the English Garden we’ll stop for lunch. Brats and beers sounds good…

    DAYS 12-13

    Last day! What to do? What to do? Seriously? Look, this city is full of stuff. We give you a list of things, but…here’s a hint:

    Hit the outdoor food market, it’s huge. Fruit ain’t your thing. Fine, grab truffles, cheese, wine, jelly and chocolate. Get your picnic on. Nah? Fine.

    Climb the bell tower for selfies (super cheap). Eat your last pretzel with dollops of mustard. Go crazy. It’s your tour.

    We booked your farewell dinner at uber-famous Hofbrauhaus!
  • Tour Map Overview
    Santorini Image


    Annnnnd we're back!

    What else? Candlelight dinner on the stunningly beautiful volcanic caldera sound good? We added it!

    And besides sunbathing & saganaki, we also threw in a sunset wine tasting with dinner.

  • Tour Map Overview
    Santorini Image


    Annnnnd we're back!

    What else? Candlelight dinner on the stunningly beautiful volcanic caldera sound good? We added it!

    And besides sunbathing & saganaki, we also threw in a sunset wine tasting with dinner.

What's Included


  • Central Accomodations
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Twin Rooms
  • Private Entrances
  • Included Itinerary Meals
  • Guided Tours
  • Included Activity Transportation
  • Glacier Walk, Silfra Snorkeling, Foodie Walk, Secret Lagoon, etc.
  • Gratutities & More!
Whats included in your Iceland Tour

What's Excluded

- Round Trip Flights

- Mandatory Trip Insurance (~$74)

- Meals Not Expressly Mentioned

- Incidental Expenses

- Tour Director Tips (~$25)


Although flights and insurance are not included, we are more than happy to help you find the best prices. 


Well, what are you waiting for? Your adventure is waiting!