Details & Tour Information


15 Days — 13 Nights — 7 Stops

2020 Dates: June 15-30 / July 10-15

You (intelligent traveler with discerning taste) are the kind of person who appreciates pampering…on this important, awesome, fresh-approach tour…we do it all for you. Hotels. EPIC itinerary. Engrossing tours. Museum entrances. “Hit the spot” meals. No regrets. NO FOMO. No stress.

Sizzling, Dramatic Experiences: Vatican, Sistine Chapel, truffles hunting, wine tasting, castle accommodation, knockout tours, museum entrances, stupid-good Italian food that will make you feel good all over…DON’T BE DECEIVED BY ANYONE ELSE!


Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Get…

To meet other travelers who see travel as an investment rather than a vacation or excuse to party.
To avoid risking your own designed trip and STILL not getting the most out of your travel.
To have that 'look' that all well-traveled and cultured people have from experiencing other places, people, and stories.
To feel like you're getting more out of your day because you've slept in safe, central accommodations.
To stop wishing you could experience new dishes and drinks, like 'rugbraud' (rye bread) & fermented shark, called ‘hakarl.'
To stop waiting to travel because you can't find time to commit to a plan.