Details & Tour Information


8 Days — 6 Nights — 3 Stops

2020 Dates: June 3-16 / July 1-14

 When you’re struggling with going to Iceland, what can you do? Stress-eat donuts, sure. Or, you can ask yourself this one critical question: “do I want geysers, waterfalls, glacier lakes, black sands, REAL (epic…) foodie walks, diving?…Why forgo the pleasure?”


Packs a Wallop Experiences: clean, warm beds, Iceland’s top-rated foodie walk, strong wine, glacier walk (!!), secret lagoon, black beaches, geysers, chance to see the Northern Lights, mind-blowing diving, local cuisine…more…


Here’s EXACTLY What You’re Going to Get…



Day 1-3

Warm beds, dinner, drinks, highlights of the Golden Circle (Pingvellir National Park), a popular geothermal geyser, Gullfoss waterfall…need more? Bathe with locals at the Secret Lagoon, enjoy Iceland’s highest-rated Foodie Walk eating thirteen delicious cuisines such as Icelandic lamb, ice cream, cheese tasting, and more.


Day 4-5

Depart for the south coast where you’ll stay in the tiny village of Vik. See the best known waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, stroll the black sand beach known of Reynisfjara, visit both Skaftafell National Park and Jokulsarlonon Glacier Lagoon, and go photograph the inside of a glacier on Iceland’s famous Glacier Walk.


Day 6-7

Before returning to Reyjavik, you’ll snorkel at Silfra. Yes, snorkel. Don’t worry. You’ll be perfectly warm, fitted into a ‘human-shaped sleeping bag!’ Silfra has clearest water in the world (300ft!), and lies smack between the American and Eurasian continental divide. Enjoy Reykjavik at leisure prior to tomorrow’s departure.

But You’ll Also Get

To try super traditional food, like 'rugbraud' (rye bread) and fermented shark ('hakarl').
To start learning more about yourself...your opinions and prejudices by interacting with diverse people.
To finally stop avoiding the travel experience you've always told yourself you'd take someday.
To avoid making 'rookie' mistakes of traveling by yourself and missing stuff you shouldn't.
To get away from bosses and managers who don't appreciate what you do, and finally feel free.
To meet other people like yourself who want to reinvent themselves by having radically unique travel experiences.