Why Most Companies Get Your Hotels Wrong (Completely)

Location, location, location. It's a piece of business jargon that bears relevance when it comes to choosing the right hotel and the perfect hostel.

While some companies choose accommodations based on the best deal, the team at WanderList Tours chooses our lodgings based on where they are located, and the comfort and experience they provide.

Many travelers spend up to 40% of their time resting and relaxing where they stay and a good night's sleep can't be overstated.

Getting enough Z's is essential for getting the most out of your adventure, and that's hard to do in a crowded hostel where 10 people are crammed into a room, stumbling over piles of luggage, and waiting half an hour for the single bathroom in the room.

We’ve seen it a hundred times! That's why we recommend hostels and hotels that aren't built to pack guests in like sardines, and rooms that have no more than three or four guests.

In addition to comfort, a well-placed hostel or a hotel located a short distance from the city center and all the sites you want to visit is worth its weight in gold.

It makes it easy to walk around the sites and spend time actively enjoying everything there is to see and do. Moreover, when your lodgings are centrally located, you don't spend all of your time getting to where you want to go. Time is precious when traveling and it's imperative to protect it because it rolls by faster than you expect.

Charm and amenities are also factors to consider. As a general rule, the most charming and best equipped accommodations are located near the city center. It is usually the oldest part of the city, and, in the case of European cities, that can mean buildings that are several hundred years old.

While wars and age have damaged some of these buildings, the late 20th century saw a boom in renovations from London to Warsaw. These renovations reinvigorated the spirit of these buildings and gave them a new lease on life.

Of course, that doesn't mean fantastic accommodations aren't found on the outskirts of the city. There are plenty of instances where some of the most delightful accommodations can be found on the fringe. When you find one of these gems, it's advisable to book the room only after you have determined whether it is near public transportation and calculate how much tickets, cab fares, etc., will run.

It's common for travelers to choose accommodations that are out of the way because they are cheaper.

The reality is that the amount of money you will spend on buses, taxis, trams, etc., back to the hotel or hostel adds up fast and, in many cases, you end up spending more just getting around. You will also want to know what the traffic looks like and whether that five-mile trip will take 10 minutes or two hours.

Finally, be sure you choose hostels and hotels that fit into your travel plans. If you are planning to spend your time catching up on your reading or writing that play you have always wanted to pen, then a villa in the countryside might be the perfect place for a bed.


Conversely, if you plan to close the museums down and go clubbing, the closer to the city center the better it will be and the more you will get from the experience.

When you are ready for an adventure, the team at WanderList will select the best places to hit the hay so you don’t have to do the research and planning!

From centrally located lodgings and stunning castles to charming villas and boutique hotels, finding accomodations that offer you an authentic experience of the places you visit is our mission! Contact us to learn more about our tours and the process we use to select accommodations for our groups.