Why Corporate Travel Fails, And What To Do About It

The world is full of amazing places to discover. Those who travel develop a deeper understanding of the places, people, and cultures around the globe.

In the past, people relied on corporate travel agencies to get them to and from exotic locales on pre-packaged vacations. These tours provided a glimpse of the destination and a taste of the culture but left little room for self-exploration and the discovery of myriad hidden gems waiting to be discovered.


Corporate travel served a purpose that is becoming obsolete.

Travelers have become savvier and their desires for unique experiences exceed the capability of corporate travel planners to meet their needs.

Whereas your parents were content to spend hour upon hour on tour buses on their way to tourist spots and sleep in low-quality hotels, the 21st-century traveler desires and deserves more.

The team at WanderList Tours understand that travel is more than just getting from Point A to Point B; it's about the experience you bring home with you.

It is about discovering and enjoying the experiences that each location has to offer. It is about creating customized itineraries that give you the freedom and flexibility to create your ideal vacation that allows you to explore and discover at your own pace.

We know all too well that the best experiences occur off the beaten path. While there is most certainly a time and a place for you to visit famous landmarks and historic sites, there is so much more to discover that is not covered in the guidebooks and travel sites.

Our team moves beyond the corporate deals and prepackaged plans to help you discover the sights, tastes, and experiences that match your interests. This helps develop a strong connection between you and the culture of a region.

Of course, time is precious on any trip and we work with you to streamline the itineraryso that you spend less time traveling between major destinations and more time enjoying the points along the way.

We make sure every minute of the journey adds up to an incredible experience by creating a itinerary chock full of all the best activities while also providing you with plenty of free time to do your own thing.

We also make sure that when you arrive at the destination, you have clean and comfortable accommodations that are full of charm and amenities to give you an opportunity to rest, relax, recharge, and absorb everything you have seen and learned along the route as you prepare for the next day's adventures.

The result is a series of invaluable experiences at a great value. Our fair pricing and small tour sizes create plenty of personalized attention and make it easy for you to develop strong, long-lasting friendships with others who share your same desire for travel and discovery.

From newlyweds to single millennials, to college students or recent grads seeking adventure, our tours are a diverse mix of people who bring a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds to our groups.

When you are ready to learn, laugh, love, and live like never before, contact WanderList Tours to discover the journeys we offer and the customized services we provide that make it easy for you to move across borders and explore the incredible sights, sounds, and cultures that are just over the horizon.

It is our goal, and indeed our promise, that we will provide a travel experience that exceeds your expectations at every opportunity.

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