Do You REALLY Know Who We Are?

Hello, all you world travelers (or soon to be world travelers!) and welcome to WanderList Tours. Before we get into the website, our trips, etc., here’s a quick backstory on us.

We were formerly called Sineni Tours, but we just went through a MASSIVE rebrand. Think new name, new logo, new website — the whole enchilada.
We’re a new kind of travel company. We are redefining group travel for millennials and young professionals who want a travel experience, not just another vacation.

After more than a decade of working in the corporate travel business, we saw the same issues over and over again. With WanderList, you don’t experience any of those issues.

No more:

  • Getting overcharged,

  • Long, boring bus rides,

  • Unenthusiastic tour guides,

  • Subpar hotels,

  • Or unbalanced itineraries.

WanderList gives you an unforgettable adventure without all these pitfalls. After a trip with us, you’ll walk away with an authentic travel experience, amazing photos, new friends, and a greater understanding and appreciation of the world and its diverse cultures. 

Take a few minutes to peruse our website, check out our current journeys, and read our blog for travel tips.

Have questions about WanderList and our tours? Visit our FAQ page and download our Booking Conditions. We know you love to research.

And right now, for our inaugural year, we are offering $200 off any group tour! Contact usto learn more.

Ready to check off all your travel goals? Join the WanderList tribe today!