How to Visit a Real Life FairyTale Village in Bohemia

Fairy tales and fantasies come to life in the beautiful hamlet of Český Krumlov. Located just a short drive south of Prague, this crooked meadow is a destination that is well worth adding to your wanderlist.

Rising tall above the city is one of the most picture-perfect castles in Europe. Full of Renaissance charm and Baroque beauty, this national heritage listed castle avoided destruction over the course of the continent's many wars.

At nearly 800 years old, the castle has witnessed many changes, and the influence of history can be felt in each of the castle's halls and art galleries. 

But, the castle's most famous attraction is the perfectly preserved Baroque theater, which retains its original design and the mechanical features that make it a perfect stage to enjoy everything from opera to the latest plays and performances by visiting orchestras.

Neuschwanstein Castle.jpg

Just down the street from the castle is the Marionette Museum, which is a wonderful place to visit and discover some of the continent's finest puppets. Many of the puppets and stages on display have had the pleasure of gracing the stage at the castle and some of Europe's most famous stages as they've entertained everyone from royalty to visiting dignitaries. 

Český Krumlov is near Sumava National Park, which is the largest in Czechia. From the mountains in the park, you can catch clear views of Austria and Germany. It's a marvelous place to go hiking, enjoy a romantic picnic, or take a relaxing swim in the pristine waters while canoes glide by. It's along the Vltava River and nearby waterways that tour members of our Quintet Tour will cruise and have plenty of opportunities to take in the sights along the shore.

For beer lovers, Český Krumlov features one must-try brew unique to the region. The men and women of the Eggenberg Brewery craft one of the yeastiest brews you will ever taste.

Unfiltered and relatively the same as it was when it was first brewed nearly 400 years ago, it is one of the country's most famous beverages, and the tour of the brewery is a fantastic way to learn more about what makes this distinctive beer so unique and flavorful. If you like creamy beer with thick foam tops and a hint of hops, you will want to raise a toast (or two, or three...) to this delicious treat.

Quieter than Prague and still retaining much of the region's "old world" charm, Český Krumlov is a popular place for music festivals, art shows, and historic reenactments. 

The city is filled with artists, sculptors, performers, and many others whose creativity gets a boost from the cool air and creative atmosphere that flourishes among the magnificent architecture that frames every street.

Foodies will fall in love with Český Krumlov and have plenty of opportunities to sample some of the finest foods in Czechia. This small town features over 80 restaurants that offer everything from traditional Czech treats to Chinese food.

The Tavern in Satlavske StreetLaibon, and Le Jardin are among the most respected in the region. There is also the Pizzeria Nonna GinaRestaurant Bohemia, and Nirvana Indian Restaurant, which many consider offer the finest Indian food this side of New Delhi. Each of these offer dishes that are simply heavenly and are well worth taking the time to seek out and enjoy.

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