How Never To Act If You Want to Get Into Berlin's Club Scene

Berlin's clubs are some of the liveliest in Europe, but they won't open their doors to just anyone. There are some rules you must follow if you want the bouncers to lower the velvet rope, from the way you dress to the demeanor you convey.

These are some suggestions we recommend to everyone who wants to add clubbing in Berlin to their list of things to do while on our Quintet Tour of Europe, or any visit to Berlin!



Size matters, and bouncers don't generally allow big groups into the clubs. Keeping the size of your group to two to three people will increase your odds of getting in. One reason for this is building occupancy codes. For every person who wants in, one person has to leave. Smaller groups are easier to accommodate in this regard.


The way you dress is also important. Before you go, research club rules in terms of dress. Many Berlin clubs have strict policies regarding shoes, shirts, slacks, skirts, etc. Knowing before you go means you won't get turned away at the door.

If you wear basic clothes (often black) that help you blend in and not look like a tourist on vacation or a businessman out for a night on the town, your chances of getting in are just as good as everyone else's. Looking (and acting) like a tourist is one of the fastest ways to get turned away at the door.



You should also play it cool. The club is a place where you belong and feel comfortable. Curb your enthusiasm as you join the party and remember to adhere to the rules of club etiquette. You should never act like it's your first rodeo; otherwise, you're likely to get bucked off before you even get to the dance floor.



As part of the rules of etiquette, don't drop names of people you know or clubs you have visited to impress the bouncer. They've heard it all, from the neighbor of Taylor Swift's best friend's cousin to the names of the hottest clubs in Miami. Unless you are a celebrity or a major promoter, this approach is guaranteed to backfire.


Finally, be ready to accept a bit of randomness into the adventure. Some clubs such as Berghain are magnets for celebrities and movie stars. These clubs aren't just for the elites and the well-connected, and each night they are filled with plenty of average Joe's.

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