7 Must Visit Hot Springs In Iceland 7 (Including One From the Game of Thrones)

There are some times when you have to turn up the heat to cool off and relax. When you hop on a plane to the hot springs of Iceland, be sure to put some of these amazing locales on your list of places for a soak!

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is certainly the most renowned geothermal hot springs in Iceland, and its reputation is well-earned. In addition to soothing soaks in this man-made spring, you can enjoy an in-water massage, exclusive lounges, and guided tours of this incredible locale.

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Gamla Laughlin (The Secret Lagoon)

This marvelous location is the oldest swimming hole in the country. If you like rustic destinations, then this sparkling spring located about 90 minutes from Reykjavik is worth the drive. Gamla Laughlin also has a bonus in the form of an active geyser that erupts every ten minutes or so and always makes a splash when it does. The Secret Lagoon just so happens to be one of our favorite hot springs in Iceland, which is why it’s included on our Iceland Journey!


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Lake Myvatn Nature Bath

This hot spring is one of the crown jewels in Iceland's cap. The waters are absolutely chock full of minerals that will help refresh and rejuvenate your spirit. While the waters are absolutely incredible, the real treasure of Lake Myvatn Nature Beach is the spectacular views of the region and the peaks that tower over the horizon. This also happens to be one of the many local filming locations for Game of Thrones. Remember that scandalous scene with Jon Snow and the fiery Ygritte??

Reykjadalur Steam Valley 

This "steam valley" has a view that is worth a million bucks. You can take it all in and enjoy it on the half an hour or so it will take you to hike in. When you go, be sure to take a backpack with snacks and water because you are going to want to stay awhile.


Long before there was the Blue Lagoon, there was Seljavallalaug. This man-made pool is a great place to enjoy a swim, have a picnic lunch, or hike along the fantastic riverfront. The pool is located far from the main road so you will be able to enjoy plenty of peaceful relaxation once you arrive.

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Driving into Laugavallarlaug is like driving into a postcard. This pool located on private property is one of the hottest in Iceland. It is perfect for those who turn the water all the way to the far edge when they take a shower. If you enjoy camping, this is a great spot to do it as you can hike the hills for days on end and shower off before you head home.


Some of the best hot springs in the world are located under the surface, and the springs in Iceland are no exception. This rather sizeable cave was discovered in the late 1930's and has been featured in everything from advertisements to moments on "Game of Thrones." The ambiance of this beautiful pool is most certainly worth the effort it takes to get there.

Iceland features some of the most beautiful European destinations you will ever discover.

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