Travel matters. It matters a great deal. You use it to nosh chôux at local Parisien cafes. You use it to hunker down in the smallish Renaissance entrance at the Sistine Chapel. You use it run your fingers across the jagged rocks of the Coliseum, like you'll one day use it to tell your kids about Frodo-like tales of transformation.

 Dear Traveling Friend,

If you’re skeptical of group tours because you’ve already done them before — and got burned…

If you’re tired of searching for the best itineraries, prices, hotels, etc, and just want a stress free trip that checks all the boxes…

If you’re offended by all the fraudulent advertising from companies promising ‘educational’ or ‘cultural’ tours, and want a company to do as they say…

If you’re frustrated by guides always looking for an opportunity to make an extra buck, and just want an honest-to-God tour that helps you have a better experience…

If you’re annoyed because it shouldn’t be this difficult to find an awesome tour and you’re finally ready to have the real thing…

Then WanderList Tours will show you how.

I’ve been there. I know how it feels.

When I was a youngster living in Italy, I worked for an ENORMOUSLY successful travel corporation.

At first it was smooth sailing.

I just did my job — leading hundreds of people through Europe each year.

But after a few years, amid the mud, the blood, and the beer, I started to hear customers voicing the same problems. A lot of customers…

What were these problems? There were five in total:

  1. Dirty & non-central accommodation.

  2. Impossibly long travel times.

  3. Boring, disengaged guided tours.

  4. Terrible, cheap, ‘Americanized’ food.

  5. Poorly built, imbalanced itineraries.

I began creating my “famous” recommendation lists — HUGE scrolling lists of things travelers could do to spice up their time.

I let them download it, share it, exploit it.

These lists improved the quality of their journeys — no doubt. The best cafes. Old French bookstores. Striking wine bars, must see museums. I stockpiled TONS of information.

And although this helped them achieve a more fulfilling experience, the other…BIGGER…problems persisted.

That’s when I started to take a stand.

I started researching other companies. I began asking serious questions about why TOUR PRICES seemed so inflated.

6 Main Problem Areas

  1. Why was there SO MUCH free time — and prices so HIGH…?

  2. Why were “central hotels” hardly ever ‘central…?’

  3. Where was the money coming from to offer school chaperones ‘FREE TRAVEL’ incentives (and how could some companies afford to PAY teacher STIPENDS on top of it)? Where was the money coming from…?

  4. Why were some tour guides SO GOOD at their craft while some were SO POOR…?

  5. Why were groups wasting SO MUCH time traveling on the road…when they should be in the cities. You know. Doing things…!?

  6. How were some companies so wickedly effective at controlling quasi-legal issues…like saying one thing but meaning another?

Was this simply a case of outdated (still) business models? Or was there something more sleazy going on?

Even worse — what could I do about it? After-all, I was a father, husband, student doing post-grad work in Rome. And I needed to keep working to provide for all of it.

Not much changed until later that year. I’ll never forget it. It was Thanksgiving.

After listening to me complain about my situation and the fact that we were thinking about moving back to the United States, my father simply said:

“Well, why don’t you just start your OWN travel company?”

That was a few years ago. We had to make all the rookie mistakes (and still make them). We had to learn how to contact suppliers, get discounts, accommodation, set up a biz…everything. It wasn’t easy. I was working full-time with another baby on the way. I quit my travel job. (They silenced me…of course).

Well, after changing our name with a rebrand, tons of wasted money…and serious perseverance, we did it!

With WanderList Tours, there’s no more:

And now you have the chance to join them!

These tours are built to…

  • provide the perfect place to meet exciting, like minded and adventurous travelers.

  • make you feel alive, breaking up the monotony of daily life. You know…corporate jobs, numb butts and poor posture…

  • transform the way you think about your life.


5 Things to Look Out for When Booking a tour. Without this free resource, you may likely be looking at companies the wrong way. This will help you stop wasting time and money. Download this today.


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Can we talk (really)?


What if you could pretty much guarantee uncontrollable joy, day after day.

  • Without overpaying.

  • Without compromising.

  • Without a single second of boredom

When you have ‘some-thing’ (essential) in place, that’s exactly what happens. And it all starts when you begin looking closely at the different companies out door.

But that’s not all…

Read More...(or Watch Our Funny Video)

There’s actually a HUGE side benefit to the super simple ‘secret’ to travel WanderList utilizes to help travelers out.

(It’s actually our most favourite thing).

Because nothing gets us fired up more than seeing travelers have incredible experiences.

You can go far with some decent travel companies from researching and word of mouth.

Most people do just that.

But striking gold is a much bigger deal.

There’s an ENORMOUS difference between a good tour and a GREAT tour.

With WanderList, you’ll get great tours.

Because like you, we want something special…something unique…something novel.

No cutting corners. No cheap stuff. No backhanded profits.

This gets you results.

Not only that, but when you get results, you and your friends will become crazy fans, getting more and more out of travel.

Enjoy our video for all the guys who turn away from group tours.

This isn’t like the others.