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15 Days — 13 Nights — 6 Stops

2020 Dates: June 10-26 / July 10-26


If you’re going to Europe, or even thinking about it, you’re probably very excited to start your travel. After-all, this is how you might change your life. Quintet is the key to the ultimate, low-stress tour, that provides you with the enjoyment, excitement, and experience you really want. But there’s a dark side to this bright dream…

Without the proper itinerary…without the proper hot spots…your travel experience could be half-good. On Quintet, you’ll get a smattering of stuff: a Sound of Music tour, a concentration camp, drinking in Earth’s best pubs, Germany’s best museums, stay in a medieval village, visit a castle, and sooo much more…



Days 1-4

Get ready to jump into contemporary history (Third Reich Germany), some Hitlerian philosophy, and the Stasi. Walk into some of Europe’s greatest museums on “Museum Island” and snap photos at Checkpoint Charlie near the remnants of the Berlin Wall and the outdoor museums of the Holocaust. More? Walk through Brandenburg gate, enjoy a bus tour of the city and more.



Days 4-8

After leaving Berlin, enjoy three nights in Prague while seeing all that’s necessary: Charles Bridge, Lennon’s Wall, enjoy Czech Republic’s highest rated foodie walk, try some new spirits, feast on Bohemian roast and more. Then a special treat: one night in Cesky Krumlov, a top rated medieval village and must-see. Enclosed by a tiny river, you’ll sleep extremely central and have free time to photograph every corner. Then it’s off to Salzburg.



Days 9-13

Excuse me? Can you hear that? The sound of…Music? We are going into the mountains, visiting the Von Trapp house and lots more. Eat strudel, sachertorte, sing ‘do, re, mi’ in the Mirabell gardens, and more. You’ll also visit Neushwanstein castle and Dachau Concentration camp before getting into Munich. Once there, we’ve got you covered with a night out at the Hofbrauhaus beer hall, bike rides, walking tours and tons of free time to do you.


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